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lt would be great to have a way to display the 'Last Business Day' as a default time period on the card, such that you would see data related to activity on a Friday on a Monday, whereas the current 'Prior Day' would display Sunday.


There are ways to do this with beast mode (i.e. select the last 3 days but display only 1), but in situations where 'Last Business Day' needs to be the card default, there are multiple metrics on a card, and the card needs to allow users the ability to change the display time range- we end up running into issues that makes the Beast Mode approach fail.


Ideally the last business day feature would allow for the use of a custom business calendar (as to take into account holidays as well), and allow as a standard date grain selection of 'Prior business day' by end users.

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    Thank you for submitting this @jackb1117. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • Thank you, @btm & @ckwright- happy Friday!

  • @jackb1117 Great idea, thanks for the feedback. I will review this with the team. This would also need to include in our fiscal calendars. For users to decide if they want to include a holiday in the last business day. I will review with the team. 

  • Agreed, I have found some workarounds and created my own calendar table to handle a lot of these items. Holidays will be tricky as different businesses recognize different holidays.
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  • Depending on the company, there are only around 10 holidays in a year.  However there are 5x as many Mondays.  MVP would be to provide last business day.  Then later introduce consideration for holidays.  Without this feature,  daily dashboards and reports are only usable 80% of the time.  Not a very good success rate for a tool as expensive as this one.

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