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So I'm self teaching Adobe Illustrator and playing with the Design App Studio, I've determined I have to have exactly what data point(s) I need to show in the app, but - if I have a complex Beast Mode that I use in a dataset as a Summary Value on a current card - is there anyway to pull that into the Design App Studio?  Or do I need to go about getting it some other way?  And by complex - I mean it's like 90ish lines of beast mode calculation

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  • shaanarora
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    Unfortunately you'll need to get that value in a dataflow to populate one of those design studio apps.


  • Dang, that's what I feared.  I was "hoping" since once it was brought into DOMO that it would act like any other card and I could use the beast modes/filters like on a normal card, thanks for confirming.

  • I've been trying to create data flows to connect to the design studio but I am not able to do complex data operations. I hope Domo comes with a solution soon.

  • @saipawar, please feel free to open a new thread for better exposure to your issue!

  • You can do almost every possible calculations within the workflows.

    I have created those for my custom apps.

    If you want you can share your use case and we can work together on the solution.

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