Design Studio Preview Looks Great - Transfers as Blank White Page

So I've run into a new issue today - yesterday I got everything working all shiny and perfect - today I'm doing a new app page/card and it looks great in the preview - but when I come to DOMO (in IE and Chrome) - it's just a blank white card...any ideas?



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  • jake-galbraith



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    This usually happens when you have an old widget that is no longer in use on your artboard, usually an invisible layer.


    Do a quick sweep in the Design Studio "Edit Widgets" tab of all of your widgets and make sure they are all up to date and in use. If there are some that aren't, target them and remove ALL of the layers associated with it from the artboard.


    If this doesn't help, you can also take a closer look at the preview screen BEFORE you upload the design. Is there a widget that isn't actually loading in the preview? Chances are, that widget is causing your whole app to break once uploaded to domo. To fix that, remove the offending widget, and then go find that desired widget in the "Add Widgets" panel and add it back.


    There are certain things in illustrator that can corrupt some of the domo elements which the design studio really does not have too much control over. 


    Hope this helps!


    Jake Galbraith


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