Need to be able to hover and see full card title on Publish as Slideshow

See image -- rearranging the slideshow is very difficult when you can't see the full names of each card. Please address -- thanks! publish to slideshow preview.PNG

Broadway + Data
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  • Yes please! This is currently very challenging if you need to assemble a bunch of different cards. Effectively, one has to write them all down first so that then in the Publication page, you can search for all the cards you want to include.

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    Thank you for submitting this @RobynLinden. I am assigning to our product manager @product_John to review and comment.

  • Thanks for submitting this @RobynLinden.  We are currently working on a solution for this.  Hope to have it soon for beta.

  • @angelastizza is this the same idea you had, if yes please vote for this one.

  • @DaniBoy no this one is a bit different -- my issue is that the card title no longer appears in the hover window if you enter anything into the card description. 

  • @angelastizza here's a workaround tip -- put the card title between asterisks in the description, like this:


    *TITLE OF CARD* Description of card


    the front end will show this on hover:


    TITLE OF CARD Description of card

    Broadway + Data
  • @RobynLinden Thanks for the tip -- the problem is it still requires you to keep the title updated in the description. We create a lot of cards by just duplicating exisitng ones and changing the filters, and most people don't remember to update the description, so it causes more confusion when the card title and title in the description don't match. 

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