Appending Data from a Custom Connector

I'm building a custom connector, not yet published.  When I select the Send to DOMO/Create /Update Dataset and run my script the data in the dataset is completely replaced.


The docs indicate that a custom connector can be used to update OR append data, but I'm not seeing how to do that.  Is it something that's not available till after I publish?

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  • BruceVolpe
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    Hi @mprcic, I am a Product Manager here at Domo.


    When you code up a custom connector in connector builder you need to use the addColumn, addCell and other methods to create the table schema and insert data into the table.

    Every time you run the connector it will look like a full replace. This is normal and expected.

    The connector builder itself does not support Append mode, so every run will look like a replace, and you cannot currently simulate Append mode in anyway.


    After you finish coding and are satisfied with how the data looks within Connector Builder, go ahead and proceed with publishing. Our Engineers will review the code for any issues and it will be converted into a full-fledged connector. At this time, support for Append Mode will automatically be added to the connector that you built. When it is finally published and available in Data Center for you to use, you will see both the Replace and Append modes available to you on the connector configuration screen as you would normally expect for any other connector.

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