Drill-down / Card / Switch labels to something else?

My question concerns drill-path view and how I should set it up.


Everything went well when I created my 1st card where I chose TIMEGROUP as a X-axis, avg(VALUE) as Y-axis, and again TIMEGROUP as Series. In the bar chart, I get my 3 TIMEGROUPs in 3 different columns with VALUEs aggregated between them.


Now, I need to create a drill down view to TIMEGROUP-level data, e.g. if I click on TimeGroup1, I'll get another bar chart showing all values on Y chart (not aggregated), sorted by DATE.


What exactly should I put on X-axis?

If I put DATE there, my graph becomes rather odd-looking with very thin bars (line-like) that are too far from each other and it shows the whole range of dates.

If I put NAME there, I lose the ability to differentiate bars by date and preferably time (since some of the dates can contain 2 values)..


Is it possible to set NAME as X-axis, but display X-axis labels in the form of DATE&TIME? How would I do that?

Or for example, is there any way to play around with DATEs so that the graph doesn't show the whole range between my actual dates?


So, here is the data I have:


TimeGroup1SameName10:00P -10:30P 2/18/20172
TimeGroup1SameName10:30P -11:00P 2/20/20174
TimeGroup2SameName08:00P -09:00P 2/27/20176
TimeGroup2SameName09:00P -10:00P 2/30/20178
TimeGroup2SameName10:00P -10:30P 3/22/201710
TimeGroup3SameName08:00P -09:00P 3/25/201712
TimeGroup3SameName10:00P -11:00P 3/25/201714
TimeGroup3SameName11:00P -12:00A 2/24/201716



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    Any time you put a date datatype on the x-axis Domo is going to assume you're implying a calendar view, so if the date grain is daily, you'll see a year, quarter, month, or week's worth of daily data.


    So on the X-axis you'll need to put a category down that's not a date datatype.  


    You could use the NAME on the X-Axis and use another columns as the series. You could create a Beast Mode to put a label together that you like more than what's individually available to you.  


    Like a concatenation of date and time: CONCAT(`DATE`,' ',`TIME`) = 2/18/2017 10:00P -10:30P


    On your top level card, if you drilled to TimeGroup1 and your drill path was a bar chart with NAME as the X-Axis and the above Beast mode as the series, you'd have one item on the X-Axis but two bars of two colors and two labels because of the two series values resulting from your concatenating Beast Mode.

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