Can't get This Quarter card filter to work as desired

I'm having an issue with my card where I want to reference information that is only within Quarter without using the date range field. I have multiple date columns that all have different meanings in the data set.


I have date fields for:


IO Start Date

IO End Date

Campaign Start Date

Campaign End Date

Revenue Period


I want the card to only look at data within the current quarter for the Revenue Period field. Unfortunitly using the "This Quarter" option doesn't do this, rather showing all campaigns meeting my criteria that with an IO start date of this Quarter but aggregating all of my Amount data which is broken out by Revenue Period for the entire campaign, regardless on if that Revenue Period is in this Quarter.


Is there a way to do this outside of referencing the current date's year/quarter and then only counting revenue period $s that meet that criteria?

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    I have a couple of questions and thoughts - not knowing what card you are using. But, in the card design, you can pick what date field you want it to focus on - one solution could be to use the Revenue Period date field in that spot. Now the card, filtered on this quarter will show the revenue that came in the quarter. From what I read in your post, that will do what you want. If there are other reasons for other date information / selection, let me know and we can work through it.
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