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I think a version control similar to Git would be very beneficial to DOMO. Being able to create a branch of a dataflow, QA the resulting dataset prior to committing to production, and then finally committing the changes to production would be a great feature. Currently, changes have to be made to a production dataflow and it has to run prior to being able to QA the data and in the current environment, to do something like this would require copying a dataflow, which tends to create extra datasets that are not needed.

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    One way we've gotten around this is to create another output dataset and compare new cards on it to old cards on the untouched dataflow.  Then if everything looks right we copy the new dataflow sql over the old sql and get rid of the new output and cards.  We also title the cards and datasets appropriately (for us, that means adding "[DEV]" in the title) so we don't get confused.  And if something goes bad you can always revert to prior dataflow versions, so it's a pretty safe procedure.

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    Thank you for submitting this @baroncurtin. I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC to review and comment.

  • @baroncurtin This is a great suggestion.  DataFlows are great, and getting better all the time.  Being able to version flows better is definitely something that would be a value-add and make DataFlows more usable. Well take a close look at this in the future.

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