Permission Based Data Sets (Lock)

Relative to editor licenses and above would like to lock down or set permissions based on the data sets.  By default if a user shares a card with another user with editor access or above that allows the user to then build their own cards based on that data set, which opens up the ability to create or have access to the data set.  Would like to lock some data sets where only approved users can build.


Relative to data privacy, and data sets with sensitive data.  From a governance standpoint we are sharing cards (very high level) and preventing drill down; however if a business user who has access to build decides to create their own card then there is a risk that they do not remember to prevent drilling or they share it with the wrong people who also have editor acesss and the risk grows larger.  


The issue to solve is to secure sensitive data sets to specific card builders.




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  • Completley agree with this. 

    For privacy and security we need to be able to restrict who can create and manage the actual data sets. It is too easy for someone to import sesitive data, then create a card and share it to others.

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