Support connecting using a Service Account

Google services, such as BigQuery procvice a Service Account capability which is the recommended method for a system-to-system integration. Using a service account means that the conenction is not tied t a specifc user's account. For example, if a user leave the company, their Google account will be terminated and then we will have to reconfigure all the contector that are using their credentials.

For more information on Google service accounts in general and for BigQuery particularly see:



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    Thank you for submitting this @Noam. I am assigning to our product manager @Millhouse to review and comment.

  • Thanks very much for developing the Google Big Query Service Account connector.

    I've been using it and I found an unexpected behaviour truncating long numeric strings.
    fullVisitorID is a string in BQ schema, even though this arrives in Domo as a string (when using BigQuery schema in the connector settings); there is a weird behaviour where the long numeric string is truncated to number and transformed to exponential form.
    For example instead of
    10139350147955357369 the string that appears in Domo is 1.0139350147955357E19


    Hopefully you can look into it?



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