Workbench Suggestion: Point to a "Folder" as a data source

This is the same functionality you can apply currently in Excel's "Get & Transform" Power Query toolset where you can point to a folder as a starting point for a query.


This comes in handy if there are files being added to the folder and the query is used to combine all those files into one dataset. 


Example:  I build a query to point to a folder that contains monthly reporting.  When the query is built I specify what file type (CSV, XLSX, TXT, etc), and additional


Here is a youtube video demo of the Excel Power Query functionality:

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  • Hi.
    You can currently do this with csv files only.
    There is a trick in workbench to do it where all csv files are loaded into the data set. Each data import run will pickup new and old csv files in the folder hence creating a full new dataset from all the files.

    I would be great to see this will other types of files as you say.

  • How?

  • Am away for laptop at the moment.
    If you search for 'multiple csv file' you may find the thread which outlines how.
  • I have searched Dojo/Knowledge Base on this topic.  What I have found describes the concept of writing custom scripts to do this... my request is avoid this work around and build the functionality into Domo Workbench.  (easy today in MS Excel)


    Instead of trying to learn how to write scripts, my work around has been to handle the joins of all files contained in a folder via Excel Power Query and then connect to the resulting Excel file in Workbench.  


    Ultimately, I'd like to eliminate that intermediate - manual update - step.

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