Set default number formats in the dataset (do it once, change as needed)


I'd like to suggest an enhancement that would allow for setting a default format to a value at the dataset level.  


For example:  I have Sales, Gross Margin, and Cost in my dataset.  I'd like to be able to set the default format for these items as "Currency", "No Decimal Places", and "Use thousands seperators".  I would want to do this in a dataset view, and be able to change the default in any card (choose "Apply Format as Default for the Dataset").


Of course, we must also be able to change the format in an individual card as needed.

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    Thank you for submitting this @swagner. I am assigning to our product manager @JSharp to review and comment.

  • Great feedback @swagner! This is something we're definitely looking into. Thanks!

  • Great suggestions! I was just thinking of asking for style sheets or defaults by chart type, but I like your idea of associating the format with the DataSet itself. Like colors, the DataSet does seem like a smart place to put the default format for a column. 


    If this idea is implemented, the following related chagnes would be helpful:


    * Make the format setting available as an attribute in Workbench.

    * Make the format setting available during the import step for connectors like the Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets connectors.


    Thank you.

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