Can I use the embed tag to reference a PDF?

I was trying to create a simple app where the HTML was an embed tag referencing a single PDF. I got it to work in the dev environment, but the PDF does not load in production. Any thoughts on why this might be happening?



<embed src="Some_Random.pdf" width="900" height="975" type='application/pdf'>


The PDF is uploaded to the asset library via the domo publish command and the created file path is below


Is there some sort of cross-domain issue?


Best Answer

  • Hi there, 


    The issue is that you cannot load 'plugins' inside of a sandboxed iframe. When reading this document, the DOM needs to load a plugin to be able to read PDF files. This will work fine in `domo dev` since that iframe is not sandboxed. In production however, we sandbox the iframe to keep things secure.


    There are other ways that may be able to get around this, like PDFjs, but I cannot say for certain it gets around using a plugin to display the pdf. I think it does since it can render the image data to a canvas. But, there are easier options, like using a Doc Card which was made for docs like pdfs, powerpoint, etc.


    Hope this helps.

    Jake Galbraith


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