DOMO Objects Metadata Management

I admit that a lot of folks say, "Oh, you can use the API for that".  But the samples and other bits are lacking there for those of us with no experience in this area.  I'd like to see some developer training on this topic.  BTW, the documentation for the API authentication is out of date - some of it is backwards.  


I want to access the metadata about the datasets - specifically the row counts for each ODBC dataset so I have a bit of a QA check on the data (did I get it all? How out of sync is it?) and while I can list 50 datasets in the LIST API, I have no idea how to invoke a Domo API from within Domo, save the 50 results into a table along with the previous results (a loop of 50 results at a time will take about 20 loops for 1000 datasets), then build a STREAM to load everything back into Domo as a dataset.  


If someone has some examples of how to do that, I'd be grateful.  

Matthew O Coblentz
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