Can't tell where a card lives when it is tagged via DomoBuzz

My users generally have Participant access. When I make them new cards, I tag them in a comment via DomoBuzz, while viewing the card, so they get the embedded link to the card I'm referencing and can go take a look.


However, as below, when you open the card out of the DomoBuzz message, navigating backward out of the card takes you to the Overview page. I would like the navigation to either a) take the user to the page where the card lives (set by me, as the user doesn't have permissions to move cards around) or b) include a tag of where the card natively lives. In the example below, the card actually lives a page called Markets : Atlanta (a sub page under the Markets page), but my user has no way of knowing that as he interacts with the card.


I'm often commenting via Domo Buzz on ONE card, but saying 'User, I made you this and three new cards, go take a look' -- however, the user won't know where to find the three related cards unless I say 'they live on page xyz', because once they click the card I have linked the message to, there is no indication of what page it lives on - they just see 'Overview.'


I do see that if cards are linked to one another the links do show up below the report, but as you click through each linked card they are still only pointing backward to Overview. The process of linking cards can be cumbersome, especially if one of the cards was initially a Duplicate that was edited, because the search menu does not always show the current name of the card (and occasionally shows a card that was recently deleted but is still in the cache), and I don't always want the cards to be linked when going through this process. 


This is critical for me, because I ask users to Buzz me if they see errors on cards, and if I don't know where the card natively lives I can't easily look around the native page to make sure all other reports are intact. 


Please advise -- thanks!



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  • Hi Robyn,


    This is a great use case; thank you for being so descriptive. We will take a look at helping users understand where a card lives better, but in the interim there is a less-known trick in DomoBuzz to tag multiple cards in a conversation by using the ! symbol. Just type "!" and then the card name and you'll be able to tag any card and multiple cards in DomoBuzz. Hope that helps a little ?

  • Thanks @MitchyMitch8 for the reply, and the tip! Looking forward to seeing what your team comes up with as a solution to this use case.



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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37793


    In the meantime, there is a workaround for this issue.  When viewing the details of a card, an 'i' icon is present that displays a description of the card as the pages where it lives.  This does not completely solve the issue you raised so we will continue working on that solution.


  • Thanks for the tip, and the update!

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