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I think could be extremely useful to have the ability to share videos through DOMO as a card for example. This is extremely important since we include training or coaching videos as well to share recorded discussions on certain topics. Additionally, we could utilize all metrics by user in an effort to improve and promote adoption.


A plus could be allow us to utlize policies on videos (to direct to the right audience) and allow or not to download the content.

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    Thank you for submitting this @GIriarte. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • It would also be great to be able to share a video in other ways.  For example, if I get a question about a topic, I could look for a video in Domo university and share it directly via buzz as well.  

  • @JeriLarsen @mwillder interesting comment about Domo U.


    @SEC you could always paste the video link in buzz today that you want to share from Domo U.




  • Thanks Dani.  Good idea.  I'll share the link in Buzz.



  • @SEC and @GIriarte Great thoughts.  Though @ckwright is the best one to know your idea for cards, we are also always looking for good crowd-sourced videos for Domo U (and their stories for Domo 365). Let us know if you'd ever like to contribute. 





  • @GIriarte You can use Doc Card and upload the video and share it to users and they can download it. Or you can use a notebook card and use the hyper link. 

  • Thanks @ckwrightfor your follow up. I really was thinking in a doc card type that allow the user to see the video (play and view the video) and, additionally,  allow the admin to admin video properties (uanble or able to download video, unable or able to share video, etc.).

  • multiple uses here:

    for us, quick training/tips snippets as well as driving usage as we are a push cards to the masses type customer and attempting to garner eyeballs to DOMO, thus creating fun 2 min vids from the DOMO team to the user community to at least get it up on their screen (to see what we have to say or entertain them with this week!).



  • @svansanten,


    Can you elaborate a bit more? We have a wealth of how to and getting started videos in the our Help Center Video Library here. Are these not doing the trick?


    I like your idea on pushing content in to community to get feedback and are considering running some blogs with guests from the Dojo and from Domo itself.


    What would be your top 5 tasks right now to help drive more eyeballs on Domo usage?

    Would love to hear more on this so we can help crowd source this in Dojo?



  • @DaniBoy ... for our user community we have developed individual functionality based on the card the user is consuming.  Also, our user community spans the realm of technological savviness.  Finally, the stragegic purpose and use of some cards may not be entirely evident across our 500 user base...or be interpretted in a way that would not align entirely with what is hoped or desired.  Given those factors, plus the fact that many don't necessarily flock to "instructions" or content that is tactical and dry, we would like to provide video cards that are succinct, fun, and personal. 

    My reference to the DOMO team, was really to our DOMO team here at our company.

    We currently have lower than hoped for user activity for data that is really critical.  We were looking to create weekly (potentially) vid clips embedded in a card with varying members of our team providing tips and hints embedded within the context of a "fun" video we create on the fly here at Corp...maybe a guest comment from the CEO...poking fun at elements of our culture...etc.  Kind of a YouTube or SnapChat element to our environment that are not just written words or numbers or charts.

    Thanks for the attention here!!

  • I have two comments on this topic.  While there is a wealth of videos in the help center, getting users to know how to navigate to the University, then search through the videos to find exactly what they need is a bit challenging for users new to this type of technology, that are short on time and who do not have the incentive (access) of creating cards.  The ability for a Major Domo/admin to put videos on a card on a page for a user as suggested above by @GIriarte would give the Major Domo the ability assess just the right video for the user and then share it with them on a page that is easy to get to.


    Second, @svansanten suggestion would be another good way to use a video card.  For example, announcements from our company that come through email can go unread.   Being able to add a custom video to a Domo card about an announcement would be much more effective.  That being said, the videos would need to be on the landing page when Domo is opened to make sure the videos are not being missed. 

  • @SEC  we would treat each new video card as such, a new card, thus when published to our userbase they would receive a notification that can link directly to the card/vid.


    Also agree that the current videos at DOMO U  are much more for the card creation user or admin.  The recipient of cards who want to quickly dive in will struggle a bit in the DOMO U world...I know we have.

  • @SEC and @svansanten


    This is GREAT feedback! I will work back with the product team and @JeriLarsen from our Domo U team to dive into this a bit more.


    I will probably arrange a conference call to invite you guys and @GIriarte to get a more detailed update on Domo's thoughts here and help make some or all of this a reality in the near future.




  • I think what you actually have in DOMO help center is a good example of what is need, with the capabilities we had mentioned. 

    I agree with @svansanten this is not only about how to use DOMO which is what you actually have (I should do spanish versions of those videos)  but how to use our charts, how to analyze the information as we need in my company, this request from us to create those videos, which we do without problem, but we have not tools to publish and share properly.


    videos in domo.PNG

  • @GIriarte I like the idea of creating videos using our own cards to explain how users should analyze the data and applications of using data they may not have thought of. Right now we have to train each manager on how to use the cards to do some specific things that are unique to our company, so producing our own in house videos to demo that would reduce the training time and the demo would be with data they are used to seeing as a bonus.    

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