Domo Status Dashboard for Errors, Downtime, Updates, etc

Status site for Domo issues, downtime, any kind of loss of functionality (see: 


Today, Google Sheets were not updating in Domo, and after I wasted time determining carefully that the issue wasn't on my end, messaging support with no response and ultimately calling them and being put on hold, I was told that the Dev team knew about it and was working on it. 


I would like to go to a status dashboard to verify whether Domo is aware of and working on an issue before I investigate and report it. 


Status Dashboard Screenshot.png

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    Thanks @KateVanBuskirk for the feedback.  So sorry you experienced that yesterday.

    I've assigned and sent over your details to our DevOps team that manages our page to see how we could implement something similar.



  • We have also exprienced similar issue in the past. Domo needs to have status page. 

  •  Status is still under review, any movement? 

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