Data Not Pulling

I have a Salesforce Connector that has worked perfectly for months. I noticed today, that all of my connectors were running extremely slow when updating...and then when I ran this particular connector (after turning off all auto updates on all connectors), I received the errors shown in the screenshot (as well as one that I didn't snip, that simply said "something went wrong getting data!".


I'm confirmed my Salesforce password is up to date in my Salesforce org, and I re-authorized the connection between Salesforce and Domo before this even occurred.


Is something happening on the Domo side that's causing this issue?

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  • Echelon
    Echelon 🟠
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    Hi @DaniBoy Everything seems to be working as of now. Will reach back out to my Account Rep if it looks off again.




  • @Echelon Are you still experiencing this issue?


    Did you reach out to your Domo Admin or contact Domo Support?


    CC @kamuela please have a look!