How do I to get the Watch File function to work?

I seems pretty straight forward, select "Watch File" instead of schedule update every 15 min or something else, but I have tried it with some 40 jobs and not a single one job has ever updated automatically that way.

Even after a couple of days an several cahnges to the files it never works.


All our files are on our server but they don't even need impersonation in most cases.


Any idea what I can try, this woudl be very helpful so I really wnat it to work.


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  • rado98
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    I was contacted by support. The Watch File feature does not yet work with network files.


  • GTA



    I'd recommend to dial over to our Support team and get this resolved. It would be great to get on a screenshare to be able to walk through what's going on in this instance. You can reach them at the following url We have a great team of Workbench specialists that can get this straightened out. 

  • I am facing similar issues. I have loaded a dataset (simple excel table) and added 'Watch File' as scheduler as I want the dataset to update only when the source data changes. But the dataset never updates automatically even when the data in the excel file changes.


    How do I get it to work?

  • I will add a "me too" here and contact support separately.  It would be great if there was more posted on requirements as well as troubleshooting solutions - do I need to install something? upgrade something? change privileges?  Is there full workbench documentation somewhere that I am just missing?

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