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I have started buzz conversations that were initially toggled private, but later I want to change to all viewers or at least one other viewer of the card.  My reason for this is that the conversation became something that I would want others to know about the card.  I don't see that the toggle can be changed after the conversation has started, understandably, but I wouldn't want to have to restart the conversation in order to have it a part of what would be viewed when others look at the card.  Any ideas?

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    I found the solution.  To the right of the subject line of the title of the buzz discussion there are three dots.  If you click on that, it opens a new window.  Towards the bottom of the window is an option to "Make public" in blue.  If you click on that, you can make that conversation visable to all channel members.

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    Thanks @SEC,


    I gave your feedback to the Buzz team and was waiting on an update communication to share out.


    We will get this documented in our Knowledge base so its clearer for customers.





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    Good to see you here!


    I am checking with the internal Buzz team and hope to have an answer soon. I suspect this may be an enhancement request and will let you know shortly!