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We often create and edit cards within pages and have taking time to arrange them in their own Collections in a particular order, but when we check onto the participant's local layout, the order within their Collection is jumbled from what would have been organized. 


Other then the Admin, is it possible for an Editor to "stamp" their layout settings for the participants or social users?


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Joshua Reyes
Marketing Analyst | TeletracNavman


  • Hi @Joshua_Reyes, great question.  Currently how the layouts work within collections and pages are based on dynamic rules of retaining order anchored on left to right and then row by row and in relation to the dimensions of the browser but should  maintain the order which they are placed.  

    A user that is viewing the cards can change the size of the card they'd like to see, unless the owner of the page has locked the page down.  So if the person viewing the collection has a different browser dimension it is likely that they could see cards in different locations.




    The product development definitely has other initiatives to help your team leverage additional functionality to "stamp" your layout so others see the exact organization you've made.  


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  • Thank you for replying @btm



    We have found that the dimensions of the browser by user can adjust the layout.

    We have found that if the Administrator saves a location for the cards, it will "stamp" to the others, but what I am looking for is when an Editor creates a new card and adds it to an existing collections, the location of the new card will be appear differently for Participants. i.e. to reference the image you've added, if number 7 was to added as a new card to a preexisting collection containing 1-6, the 7 card appears in scattered locations for varying participants. or 1,2,3,4,7,5,6.



    Joshua Reyes
    Marketing Analyst | TeletracNavman
  • @Joshua_Reyes - thanks for the great information and clarification.  I'll take this back to our development team that oversees page and collection layout and get some more of their thoughts.  

  • Thank you @btm


    We came across this and found that it may be useful for other users as well.

    In case this helps with the Dev. team, essentially our 'Editor' users are primarily our Front Facing users, with our Admins working on the back-end. 

    The idea of Editors being able to organize the cards for all others users would be ideal; this would allow our Admins to work on their projects without having to ask them to quickly save the page settings, which is how we are currently working around this. 


    Joshua Reyes
    Marketing Analyst | TeletracNavman
  • @Joshua_Reyes - Yes great points on trying to help each role focus on their directives and specialties.  Thanks for the context and information.

  • To answer your question (and not deflect it in a 'great' way) - yes, like you assumed. Only Owner of page can rearrange the layout as a fixed view for everybody else.

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