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Just lost about 2 hours of work on a Magic ETL dataflow because it wasn't saved and somehow went away. An auto save every few minutes would be very helpful.

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    Thank you for submitting this @MattGo. I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC to review and comment.

  • @MattGo Thanks for this great suggestion.  I am sorry that you lost hours of work - that is not fun! AutoSave in DataFlows could be a great addition to the product.  I will make sure that we add this to be considered as we continue to improve the DataFlow experience.

    Question - Is there ever a time when you would not want the DataFlow to automatically save. My concern has to do with the downstream affects of a DataFlow changing, or saving, when you were just looking or experimenting with a change.  Is there times when you thing auto saving DataFlows could be problematic?

  • There are times when you might not want to have it autosave as @StevenC mentioned. However, this could be easily accounted for by having a slide button at the top right that allows you to turn autosave on and off just as the quickfilter in the new analyzer does:


     QuickFilter switch example.png 


  • You could also make the auto save version not be the current version of the data flow.  Much like you can revert to old versions of a data flow, perhaps the auto-saved version could simply be saved but not "active"

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