Ability to Write custom Macros for hover text

Currently, there is a pre-defined set of macros available within the hover text settings.


An ability to write custom macros (perhaps as an extension of Beast Mode) would be fantastic. I suspect it wou;dn't be too hard technically, but again I do not fully know.


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    Thank you for submitting this @Avery@. I am assigning to our product manager@Gavatar to review and comment.

  • I would love some more documentation on the options within datalabels in general.  I found out the other day that typing \\n in a datalabel will break out a new line and I've never seen any documentation that says that's even a possibility.

  • That is a powerful idea in general. Can you provide some example of what you would like to see in the data labels?


  • @Gavatar I know that we've had requests to use another field name like "field_description" in the hover text. I know that data annotations are coming out, but if you have annotations already stored in the dataset, then being able to call that field name would also be useful. I'm sure there are others.

  • Great point. This makes sense. Field_description would be useful. 

  • jlafee
    jlafee ⚪️

    Thanks for this idea, @Avery!  I've been wanting to add a label like Account Name scatter charts, and while it would be fun to have thousands of values in a series, it doesn't really show the commonalities I want the data to represent.  This would solve a lot of that problem.

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