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Currently in Buzz, unless I am mistaken, there is not a way to send another user a card with filters applied.  Instead if I @ reference a card it send a view/link of that card (raw unfiltered).  I have to explain the necessary filters to the those I am sending the message to.  


I'd like to request that if a card is filtered, and a @ reference made that it send with those filters intact so the recipients have the relevant information in their first view.  This streamlines the information so the less time is spent on "re-analysis" and more time spent on decision/action.  It also removes the possibility of the recipient missing something as they try to re-apply the filters... know what I mean?


Add your comments in favor or this... click "Like" and JOIN THE REVOLUTION!  (too much?)

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  • YES! We need this ability to keep our colleagues in the loop quickly, without having to build a specific card!


  • @btm


    Can we asisgn this to a PM?


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    Thank you for submitting this @swagner. I am assigning to our product manager @DaveR to review and comment.

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