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What i'm trying to do here is make a score card of each individuals by filtering the individuals individually.

There are pie charts and bar charts that needs to be filtered to make sense, i can't show all the individuals all at once.

And have another card that shows the totals of all individuals.

Problem is when i filter a single individual, the total doesn't work. So i was hoping to explore if there are options to filter individual, but still keep the total.


In Tableau, it is going to be like the Total function or Window_Sum function ish. Or even just apply filter on certain pages only.


Was hoping Domo has the same capability. 

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  • Jyuukenbu
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    Ok kinda figured a workaround my self.

    I duplicated my dataset and used it to power my "Total" cards. 

    When filtering the cards, i select apply to all when needed, and when filtering the individuals, i don't apply to all. So the duplicated cards won't be affected.


  • Is there a way to show both filter and unfilter totals on the same graph?

  • Hi there,


    Did you find a solution to your question? I would like to display a filtered data set and total on the same graph.



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