Importing Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

Wondering if there's a way to import Custom Dimensions created in GA. This used to be a feature in the beta version of the GA connector, but now all you can access are the static / predefined metrics and dimensions. Anybody know what's up?

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  • Bulloko



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    There is actually a new version of the Google Analytics connector you can find right now in your DataCenter! It is publicly available to use!


    This version has an improved UI and does allow you to pull your custom metrics and dimensions you've defined!


    Here's what it looks like!!




    You'll notice the "Custom Variable or Columns" selection there.



    As a note - this is only available when selecting a single view profile. That is because custom dimensions / metrics are defined per view profile.


  • AS
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    There is an advanced connector that allows you to build custom reports, and it should have your custom dimensions available.  You'll probably have to talk with Domo support to get access to that connector.


    GA connectors.JPG

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  • Swoopy
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    @Bulloko Thanks for the help, this ended up working out for me. I had to switch between a couple different views under the same account in Domo though, before it began pulling in the custom dimensions as a selectable option.