Align/change column names across datasets

Allow feature to effect data governance across datasets by being able to modify /standardize column names in one swoop.
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    Thank you for submitting this @AshfordMH. I am assigning to our product manager @JSharp to review and comment.

  • Hi @AshfordMH Would you want this to be a bulk action that can be applied across datasets? Or would being able to edit column names on each dataset separately meet your needs?

  • @JSharp Bulk, and apply across datasets is the thing! . The other option to edit individual columns separately already existis via the select columns in ETL dataflows and, would be a very time consuming process with excess "data/data-flows".



  • Thanks for the clarification. This helps a bunch. I would assume that you'd only be able to apply bulk actions on identical datasets. Or would you want to first select datasets that, while not identical, might have specific columns that are identical?

  • The latter is the idea... a quick win for governance - and an application would be for using the page filter, you could align column names so the filter worls

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