Unable to login through domo login cmd

I am learning the dev studio for DOMO and I am unable to login even though I have cross checked that my password and ID is correct.

$ domo login
[?] Domo instance e.g. company.domo.com XXXX-du.domo.com
[?] user email: [email protected]
[?] Domo password: ***********
[?] Domo password: *********
X Login unsuccessful
Authentication failed, please try logging in again.


Is there any chance that there is some other reason for me being unable to log in? 


Thank you

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  • user05552
    Answer ✓

    I got my problem solved internally. I used the admin login details to login.

    Thanks for your response anyways.


  • Is there an Admin that can reset your password for you on your end?



  • We are using Domo at a corporate level here and we use single sign on authentication. The Domo instance is owned by another department of the company. 

    Is there any other way of solving this problem?

  • There may be several things going here.


    I would begin with your local admin. If they can not resolve it please contact Domo Support for help in this case.


    Thanks and keep me posted!