Card: Stacked Bar and Line with single series line and multi series stack.

Hi Domors.


Firstly, my DS is structured as follows:

Date:     Type:       Actual:       Months Total Forecast:

2017/1   offline       1000           1200

2017/2   email         100             500     

2017/2    refferal      500              500


.... and so on.

I have a series of Type defined which is added to the chart along with date and the sum of Actual.

Note, the Months Total Forecast is the forecast for the sum of all the types under the month, its not against each type.

The chart is as follows:




What I would like to do is add the Forecast as a Line Series, but simply its not working.

The problem is that 'Type' will not split out into its series.

At best, i receive various versions of this:




Is this due to the forecast (FC_MoM...) being a row item rather than stacked/unioned into the DS?

Any help appriciated.


Obviously what I hope to achieve is:





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  • PodiumMason
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    Hey Kurbz,


    There is a way I know to solve this, it does require the creation of several beast modes. What you'll need to do is one series for each category (`Type`) in your case.




    SUM(Case when `Type` = 'organic' then `Revenue` else 0 end)


    You'd want to do one beast mode for each type. 


    In your use case, you'd leave the forecast line alone, then add each invididual beast mode onto the graph as its own series. That way it will stack them while still including the forecast line. 


    Let me know if this works, I'm happy to provide an example and screenshots if needed.





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  • Thanks XM.
    Have seen that approach around. Will give it a try. Many thanks for the input. Cheers.
  • Ah. I know why I previously didn't originally take this solution. It's not dynamic on the stacked series type. Will submit a dynamic solution request Idea for this.
  • @Kurbz


    You're right, that is one of the drawbacks to this solution, you'd have to add a beast mode each time a new category was added to the data. 


    It would be nice to have multiple dynamic series on graphs though, I think that's a good suggestion for the ideas exchange.



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  • Thanks. Ya only dynamic way is to union the forecast onto the dataset and obviously flag it. But that causes the need to filter the ds when used elsewhere. Ok. Thanks again. I'll try tomorrow. Zzz
  • This question was posted nearly 2 years ago, but I came across with the same challenge today... thanks for the work around!!!, it works quite well for me, as the categories are set, but I agree that there shouldn't be a need to do this .

    Two years on and is still not implemented... should we keep waiting?;)

  • Any update on this?

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