Create a 'Dojo Community Card' section for sharing Cards

Hi Domors,

I'd like to see a Community Card section here.

Implementation wise, its a little more advanced than just a forum.

We could allow a sample data upload and the card displayed with full view of the configuration and beastmodes.

Allow a forum disucssion on the card and dataset, and as i'm a lover of small video tutorials like Domo already has, allow video uploads from users to give some oversights on the card/ds.

This would be a great showcase for Domo, and a great place to share and learn new card ideas between the community. With an Domo internal approval process user submittions could be elevated to an official Domo Card section.


Domo does have alot of content between Dojo, Uni etc, but people just want to build cool relative cards right?





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  • btm



    @Kurbz, This is an amazing idea, thank you for submitting.  


    @DaniBoy I think this would be great to collaborate on potential ways we could help facilitate this.



  • @Kurbz


    This is great thinking and exactly what we are trying to do with our community. Currently everyone has the ability to upload and post videos in Dojo. Do you envision Domo initiating the conversation by creating sample cards.


    It seems to me this would be more useful to have customers to create sample cards to share.


    Would you be open to a call to discuss this in greater detail?




  • Hi Dani,

    I envision the following Community Card Area structured as following:

    Card Type: (eg: Bar with Line)

     - Discription, Area, what we use the card for, its releative BI function...further details.

     - Interactive Card interaction by viewers (similar to free app cards that we download).

     - Data Set formats with beast modes to get relevant data into correct format for the card.

       - What raw data to use (google analytics, simple order data, other, etc etc).

       - Transforming, SQL, blend, etc examples / videos / pics. beast mode calcs and why.

      - Conversations / Videos above the above.


    Domo is one of the nicest BI tools I've used, excellent low skill level entry point, but lets increase the ability for none BI users to engage and build their basic cards, full example cards, made by community, made by Domo. To allow the cards to be downloadable with datasets would be of huge benefit to help increase the ease of which peope can learn and get familiar with Domo. Potential commercials benefit too.


    Am open to a call. PM me.




  • @Kurbz


    This is great! Let me sync up with a couple folks internally and then set up a call with you.


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