Customize page and card filter

It would be really nice to be able to custimize the filters on the page. Currently I am seeing so many that I use for summary numbers of just beast modes within a card, about 25. I am wanting to only see a few things(like 5) that are neccasry to acutally filter the card. Also the data set naming is lower case and sometimes includes '_'. For example I see sales_amt and it would be nice to make that Sales Amount without having to make a new data flow. 


This seems like something that could be done and would be very helpful in simplifying the process when having multple users trying filter pages for certain customers, departments or anything like that. 

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  • Really looking forward to seeing this implmented as well.  We are trying to use a single data set (to move the extra overhead of multiple data flows) for multiple pages of cards, and we'd prefer to be able to name the page filter depending on the page it's on, and also not to use the data set name.

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