Use case of Data Warehouse screen in Data Center

Hi I have been wondering the use cases of Data Warehouse screen in Data Center.

This carosel-like screen looks fancy and shows some object meta-data information when I mouse over an object.

However frankly the information is not so meaningful from my object management perspective.


I'm curious about how people are utilizing this function and want to learn a good use case I have not been aware of.


As Domo admin, I would ratehr want to know the relation of datasets and dataflows, monitor the latency of dataset refreshment, etc.


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    The Data Warehouse also lets you see things like volume of rows or datasets or cards coming from which types of sources, which can give an idea of warehouse maturity.  For example, you can see whether the vast majority of your volume is coming from Excel sheets vs. being pulled directly from systems.  


    You can also see if there are particular sources or source types which are having issues.  


    These are both done using the 'Height By' Dropdown.  


    The search feature can also be handy if your naming conventions are solid, but it still seems to be a bit hinky.  In my naming convention, for example, I have line of business and metric included.  It would be cool to be able to filter on "Sales", and see all the tables, and related tables.  It sort of does this today, but not fluidly, nor with a particularly useful result.  I assume this will continue to improve.  

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  • I too hope to see some cool stuff added to the Data Warehouse screen, I do like the looks of it now and what it offers so could see some logical improves such as you mentioned being added.


    They offer what you're describing for ETL datasets and their relation to other datasets, just hover your mouse on a dataflow and it will draw the connecting lines to which datasets are involved. Maybe in the future we can get others also

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