RFE: Card edit permissions for specific users

We would like to request an enhancement for increasing the granularity of card edition permissions, so editors could edit just some cards but not other cards. Edit permissions for each user should be granted at card level instead of just having the editor security profile at user level.
Let me explain it with an example. 
  • Imagine we have 2 groups of Domo users ( let's name them Group A and Group B), and 2 Domo cards, let's say "card 1" and "card 2".
  • We would like that Group A could edit card 1 but not card 2
  • On the other hand we would also like that Group B could edit card 2 but not card 1.
Please, let me know if I am wrong, but as of today it is not possible to configure Domo to work as exposed above. The only similar way is to lock the cards, but only the card owner (just one person) or the administrators are able to edit locked cards.
A suggestion on how to implement it: when you give a group or a person access to cards, you could indicate the type of access: 
  • can View/read only,
  • can edit
This would be similar to the way you give access to files in Dropbox or Google Drive (for example).
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further explanation.
Thank you in advance!
Best regards
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