Deleting records from a dataset using MySQL

Hi dojo -


I have a Box connector dataset that has duplicates from a run happening multiple times. I've written a simple SQL statement to delete the records, but am not seeing the results.

Since I'm not generating an output dataset, I can't save the dataflow, yet when Run/Apply, the rows I'm trying to delete are still there.


Any thoughts?  

Thank you!




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  • PodiumMason
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    Hey Amy!


    The way dataflow works is that it creates a temporary environment and loads your input tables and any transforms you create in the dataflow into temporary tables that only exist in that environment. 


    This means that any changes you make to the input datasets or other transforms only happen at the temporary table level. 


    In your case, in order to remove your duplicates, you'll want to run those SQL statements and then output the result. 


    As an example you could run your delete statements and then output a Select * from the table you deleted your records from.


    Let me know if you have additional questions!

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  • aha!

    makes sense - thank you, xervamason!


  • Hello, 


    I had a similar question. Can I delete records from my input dataset, and then use the same dataset (from which I have deleted records) as output. 


    In other words, can I change my input dataset through mysql commands (or even ETL)?