Card: Different Series Labels on same Categories/Value elements when using different aggregations

Hi Folks,

Came across a nice little problem on cards.

Take a simple multi line card.

I have a value called, say, 'Amount'.

I want to plot the Sum, Average & Count on the card.

There is no issue plotting the totals, all lines appear correctly.

However, I want to change the labels on these different aggregations, however, when I change 1, they all change.


see example below with my value '_Offline_Total'image.png

The issue occurs for both natural dataset values and beastmode values.

I would imaging that the relationship/association between Axis/Series values, and the Series Labels on the right needs to include the aggregation type to ensure its unique, additionally including the index placement of the Axis/Series value would ensure final uniqueness.


As a workaround, one can create multiple BeastModes with the same calculation and just name them with an index and use each BS value seperatly for each aggregration. 


value1 = used to sum the value

value2 = used to avg the value

value3 = used to count the value

then apply your lables and the series should be correct.

as such...







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    Thank you for submitting this @Kurbz. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • Agree, I ran into the same issues the other week.

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