Gauge Cards - Allow Beastmode for Maximum Amount

Allow beastmodes for the maximum amount on gauge cards.


Use Case

  • Pacing to Budget: I should be able to set my guage maximum to be the sum of a Budget value, whereas the fill is the sum of a Forecast (or YTD Actuals) value. 


Additional Detail

  • Right now, you can enter in a field and it will dynamically round up to determine the gauge total, but it causes the visual to look like you're doing worse than you actually are (because the goal or total isn't at the end of the gauge). 
  • You can also hard code the max amount, but that requires you to update the card whenever the max changes (e.g., you have to hard code in the budget every year) -- this also then prevents you from being able to filter the card to different channels/regions/teams becasue the max is hard coded. 


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    Thank you for submitting this @angelastizza. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • The guages need a lot of work.  Each function differently and have some of the features, but none fit the bill across the board.  Metrics from the data set should be able to be loaded as the min, max, target etc.  Color coding should also be more dynamic.  I ran into an issue with the comparative fill gauge(Advanced) where i planned to lose money for a business segment, but lost more than planned. The gauge shows green based on the percentage variance being positive.  The color direction only allows for Postive is Green or Negative is Green.  Clearly does not fit the business logic. 

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