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The current map functionality seems very limited.  We currently use maps to show sales by state but it would be really nice if there were more options for manipulating state/county maps for other uses.  


One example is that we'd love to be able to use DOMO to create territory maps based on US Counties.  I've attached an example of what I mean.  If we could customize what maps represent,apply colors in different ways, add data labels by territory or grouping, and create borders based on a series or cateogry within the data, we'd be able to throw something like this together without having to use another specialty software. 


This seems like a logical next step in the development of DOMO's map charting functionality and it would definitely help us out.

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    Thank you for submitting this @NGin92. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • This is a great idea!  

  • Great suggestion. We are working on expanding our map capabilities now. Custom regions are a challenge to represent generally because of all the special cases that can occur like non-contiguous regions. 

    I suspect you already know but you can do a lat/long map and then color by region to get a similar effect currently




  • Hey Gavatar,


    That is really interesting I didn't realize you could do that.  Our big issue with using this method is that we're trying to narrow down the regions by county and using lat/long would cause regions to overlap.  


    If we could have the same style of functionality as this map type within the US States or US Counties map types it would be exactly what we're looking for.





  • We are looking at adding custom regions later this year. Thanks for the suggestion.


  •  The custom regions idea is useful. Might I suggest a property of the chart that views *only* that region, without displaying the rest of the US map. I'd get more visual resolution with this view. Alternatively, how about a property that allows zooming/positioning and crops out other sections of the map?

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