Show Total values first in Sumo

We love using the Sumo Pivot tables however I would love be able to chose the Totals at the end to show first followed by the categories.  This would give our company the ability to see aggrgated data and then scroll right to see things broken out.

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37786

  • @StevenC can you please take a look at this?

  • Thank you for adding this request, we have this on the Sumo roadmap to have Totals and Subtotals at top of the table or group. I will keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

  • Hi, Any progress on this?

  • @DMJerry Thanks for checking in. We still have this request for Sumo as a high priority. There are other higher priorities that the team is currently working on. I'll update you once the team starts development on this feature. 

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