How do I find out who owns a beast mode calc?



Domo newbie here. I'm trying to document some datasets prior to roll-out and I see some beast mode calcs on it.


Quite a few cards have been created using these datasets. Is there a quick way to find out which card a beast mode calc came from? Or who owns it? 



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    The short answer is no, this information is not available.

    There are a few ideas in the Ideas Exchange around beast mode governance, though, which you can search and upvote for increased exposure. 

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  • In the meantime, (it may be a little late for you on this), I've made a Google spreadsheet shared within my organization with a column for creator, BM name, and the calculation so users can search for existing BMs as needed to copy and paste for edits or to ask questions or report issues. 



  • Thanks all! 


    @KateVanBuskirk that's actually what I'm trying to do, while we only have a handlful of people actively creating cards because I can see this quickly becoming impossible to manage. 


    I managed to track down the source after I posted this btw, and he has agreed to clean up and document his stuff. 

  • A solution that has worked for me and my team really well is adding this at the end of the beast mode name:

    <Beast Mode name> <(Initials of the person who created it)>


    For e.g., Day of the month (gb). 


    There are pro's and con's to this method. Works really well if its a smaller team and if through a governance process, you restrict access to edit to only a few known people so you don't have to second guess the initials.


    The option to create a living worksheet of all beast modes is also very helpful to avoid duplicating a calc that already exists.


    A combination of initials + living worksheet should help you to connect to the rightful owner and also ensure we aren't creating duplicates.