File listing the current input and output datasets and their corresponding dataflows

Hi Dojo community!

Do you know if it is possible to extract from Domo a list of input and output datasets and the dataflows that create or input them up to date. We are trying to do a quarterly cleanup of our instance and having this type of information would be really helpful. 
Another useful feature would be to be able to track hierarchy of datasets, i.e., knowing which datsets are derived from an output dataset, but this is something that can be derived from my original question.
Thank you very much! 

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    There isn't anything currently in the product that will allow you to see this, however, you can programmatically get this data from Domo's API (both public and private endpoints).


    The official documentation can be found here:



    You'll need to hunt for the other endpoints in your web browser to tie in inputs, dataflows, and outputs to build your lineage and what is being actively being used in your instance.


    If you have a customer success team or rep, they might be able to provide other resources to get this done more easily for you, or provide guidance on if/when "lineage" tools will be realeased.


    Hope that helps in some way.