Copy Beastmode Calculations Across Datasets

I cannot seem to find if this has been mentioned (it may have been already), but in short it would be great if there was functionality to request the copying of beastmodes across datasets when you link them using ETL.  


We recently ran into a column limit issue (among others) that is requiring us to duplicate datasets using ETL and building cards off of this new table.  However, when we do an ETL taking Dataset A and simply creating a copy (Dataset B) there is no option to carry over the beastmodes.  Therefore, we have to not only duplicate all of the requisite beastmodes we also have n copies of this calculation to maintain.


While I am unfamiliar with how the beastmode schema works on the back end it does not seem unreasonable to enable these calculations to be stored like any other value and carrying over to copied datasets like the static table data.  There are many issues I can see arising, chief among them being the failure to carry all fields from A to B and therefore invalidating some beastmodes in Dataset B.  However, this might be avoided by simply creating a new ETL tool that is essentially a "Duplicate All" function which not only carrys all data and beastmodes over but also prohibits the use of the "Select Columns" function (or something along these lines).




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