why series color keep changing?

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I have a status series in my card. Solved should be green, pending should be blue, open should be red. I set the series color in Chart properities - > Color. It works right after I set it. However, after a few days, I noticed that the color massed up. Solved changed to blue, open changed to green...etc. 


Anyone know the reason? and how to fix this problem?



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  • guitarhero23
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    What kind of sorting do you have set? 


    Domo Colors are based on Series, so when you set it up you get Series 1 = green, Series 2 = Blue, Series 3 = Red. So if you sort from count high to low on day one Series 1 is first and shows as green just like you wanted. Tomorrow the acount of Series 2 is now the highest, which means it's ordered first and is now technically Series 1 and will show as green. See where I'm going with this?


    I've had similar troubles for things like JIRA Statuses. I try to organize them by color but if a new status is added or something like that it goes out of whack. One think you can try to do is create a beastmode to sort the values in the order you want permanently.



    WHEN (`status_name` = 'To Do') THEN 1
    WHEN (`status_name` = 'Defining') THEN 2
    WHEN (`status_name` = 'In Progress') THEN 3
    WHEN (`status_name` = 'Done') THEN 4

     END )

    Using the above to sort means To Do = the value of 1, Defining = 2, etc so if you sort low-high they will always appear in this order and the colors won't get messed up.

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