Single Value Cards - Display even when card is smallest size

For some cards the information is so small that you don't really need the medium card size to display what you want to see however putting it at the smallest size only really displays the title of the card. Some cards (Single Number types) would really benefit from being able to be made small to save room on the screen.


Ex 1: Medium Size (notice all the extra unneeded white space)

Domo Suggestion 2.PNG



Ex 2: Small Size doesn't display anything, however a number value would fit just fine.

Domo Suggestion 1.PNG


Not that I necessarilly want to be able to cram a bunch of cards together however in some cases it's useful to have single number metrics and they don't need to take up that much room on the screen.

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  • @guitarhero23 I agree - same is true of Guage cards.  Would be nice to use the small card size and display the guage instead of just the summary number (as it is now).

  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @guitarhero23. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • The number value shows on the small size card now but the collection area in the page view is still configured to the medium size. There is unnecessary blank space under the small size cards. Example, I have multiple cards that are all small cards with summary numbers in a single collection. Users see the cards in one row and then have to scroll down past a blank row area to see the next collection. Let me know if this needs to be in a new thread.


  • @btm @ckwright Any updates? This thread is getting pretty old. 


    For other Domo'ers, when IS the smallest card usable? I'm a new user but surprised to see the smallest card is unusable bc even a single value disappears (the card goes blank).

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