Project/Task tracking data set

I think the project/Task tool in DOMO is simple and efficient but we should have a data set available with each action happening there to be able to report on. 

For example how many task has been moved from one stage to another, how many tasks has been completed by user, how many tasks has been assigned to each user, etc.

This will help the project/task tool in DOMO more useful from the reporting piece.


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    Thank you for submitting this @GIriarte. I am assigning to our product manager @livelycraig to review and comment.

  • Thank you for your feedback @GIriarte ! We are planning on making improvements to Projects and Tasks and this really helps us prioritize our backlog. Would you have time for a brief 15 minute phone call to discuss how you use P&T?

  • Sure, call me tomorrow any time between 11 to 3 pm ET or Friday 10 to 12 pm ET.

  • @GIriarte


    Please don't post your phone or email address. I have sent @livelycraig your information.


    I recommend using the private messaging feature in Dojo to share personal infornation.


    Great seeing you yesterday in Atlanta!




  • I have posted similar request.  How do we find out an ETA for this?  

  • I am not sure, @livelycraig Do you have any update on this one?

  • The projects and tasks data sets are now available through the datacenter under DOMOstats. There is also metadata surrounding the datasets.


  • Thank you @user01193 for confirming!



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