Do not create duplicate data sets with same name

Currently domo allows duplicate datasets to be created, datasets with the same name. 

Few instances when duplicate datasets are created:

1) Instantly when a data flow is created 

2) When the same dataset name is provided for the Output in ETL or SQL dataflow



Suggestion: Do not let the system create a duplicate dataset with same name. Raise an alert if existing data is set as target, but let the user proceed. 


Extrapolation of the suggestion: If the existing dataset is used as a target to a dataflow, overwrite the data. This will change the integrity of the data but this way the user can update the datasets recursively in a easier way. 


Reason: It creates confusion in many occations, as to which is the correct data set. Generally, in datawarehouse systems like T-SQL (does allow duplicate tables in same database) or even windows (no duplicate files in same folder) does not allow duplicates if the names. Name integrity is important according to me

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  • i agree with Kaushik on the need for this functionality.

    thank you!


  • One correction on my inital post:

    1) Instantly when a data flow is created  copied (from existing data flow)

  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @Kaushik. I am assigning to our product manager @JSharp to review and comment.

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