Let user to migrate drill down to another data set even if column names are different

Pain point:

Currently when the columns names are changed (even if the 'case' is modified) domo does not allow the card drill downs to be migrated to the new dataset and we have to re-develop the card drill downs. However, for the parent cards, domo lets the user to migrate (after promting an alert that a particular column does not exist)



1) Provide an interface to the user to the user to map the felds he/she wants to connect. Eg., an interface/pop-up to map the field Age in old dataset to Age-range in new dataset.

Note: Data type integrity needs to be preserved this case

2) Or just like for parent cards, let the user to migrate after promting the missing columns.



Avoids the need for re-work for the analyst. I have like 10 drills downs and re developing the drill downs with details like color, labels, hover is hectic,


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Thank you providing such a forum for the users to suggest. 


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  • I have felt this pain... actually have a few open issues I am waiting to correct because they are so painful to fix all those field name dependencies in the cards.  GREAT IDEA @Kaushik

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    Thank you for submitting this @Kaushik. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

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