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As my instance of Domo grows, I am finding it increasingly difficult to manage the timing and sequence of all my dataset job schedules.  Right now, information about each dataset job is available in the "schedule" section of each job. 


I would like to request that a visualization be added to workbench to summarize all of those schedules. 


Would want the ability to indicate run dependency (detailed below), and drag jobs in the visualization to adjust their schedule.  Would like to be get dataset job information by clicking (detail below), and have the chart element for each job show it's scheduled start time, and duration. 


There are a couple of ideas I have on how this visualization would be formatted, but the attached chart below I think gives a good representation. Those bands along the outside - the green one, if you imagine that as an analogy for a dataset job's schedule... it starts around hour 19 and finishes at hour 24.  Being able to label the interior bands so what is shown below as "Archean" I would want to name something like "normal work hours".  This would help in scheduling when jobs should run, and most importantly complete their run (based on the average run time - last 5 runs) so the most up to date information is available to Domo users, and other critical processing events are considered in building schedules.


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Run Dependency:  Job B would be triggered after Job A completes, Job C would be triggered after Job B completes.  Option to have jobs run in series or parrellell to other jobs - this would include set (A+B+C) complete triggers set (D+E).


Dataset Job Information:  Click the job band (as displayed above) and get informaiton about the job including:  average run duration, last run (when, how long, success/failure), notifications, run dependency, scheduled start time, edit button to make changes to the schedule and settings.


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    Thank you for submitting this @swagner. I am assigning to our product manager @michaelf to review and comment.

  •  @swagner thanks for this feedback, this is a fantastic idea! I've created a ticket to discuss the possibilities of this with the team. Thanks!

  • I agree. We are evaluating domo and my open question is how I can control / orchestrate data load dependencies especially when a visualization is dependent on the data from 2 or more data loads. Have you found any work arounds? The DOMO reps were suggesting that maybe using the command line version of Workbench may assist in coordinating jobs.

  • Any updates on this? Workbench 5 has come out and seems to have lost the ability to do this more so now.

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