Totals and Subtotals on Table Card should calculate Beast Mode

While the new subtotal/grand total feature on table cards is a great addition.  It would be much better if beast modes were also calculated at the subtotal/total level.  If I have a % change column (vs budget as an example) the total row simply adds up the percentages rather than recalculating it at the total level.  This means that any beast mode that is a calculated ratio will always be incorrect.

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  • In adition to ratios it also causes issues with any beast mode that uses count distinct

  • And, options for the type of aggregation for the total rows should be available (Count, average, sum etc, you should be able to select which). I have also provided this feedback as a part of the analyzer beta feedback. 

  • Hua
    Hua 🟡

    In addition to the suggestions above, is it possible to hide subtotal row, but still displaying group name once?  Currently if "Show Subtotal Rows" is unchecked, even if "Show Group Name Once", group names are still displayed repeatedly for every row.


    Is it possible to set "show once" at column level?

  • Hua
    Hua 🟡

    Update: I decided to set both Subtotal Fill Color and Subtotal Font Color to the same color, so it is actually just shown as a "blank" row to separate groups.

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    Thank you for submitting this @cmarutzky. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • This has been updated. 

  • @ckwright

    Thank you for the update.  Is this in production already?  Also, can you please confirm if "Show Group Name Once" can work even "Show Subtotal Rows" is unchecked?



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