Freeze data in time when no time data is available

I would like to be able to 'freeze' the data as it uploads for certain columns, so that when new data comes in, a copy of the previous output is saved. 


For example, I have live production data coming in. There is a date associated with the information, but not a time of day. 


Currently, I can make production reports by day as a total which increments as new data comes in. I would like to be able to have a table card where the upload that happens at 3pm fills a column, then at 4pm the new data fills a new column (and the 3pm data remains unchanged) 5pm updates a new column, etc. A time range would be set, so that I could say to do this between 3 and 10pm PT for example and it would start over the next day. This is currently being done manually by someone, image below. 

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