Alerts for when Data Sets Fail

Currently if a data flow fails I receive an email alerting me to this occurance. However is there any way to have this type of email alert occur when a data set fails to ingest data from the connector being used? I've had some issues lately that I've luckily caught as we currently only have a few data sets from that particular connector but as the list of data sets grows I can imagine this will become harder and harder to manage without an automated process. Assistance in pointing me in the right direction for setting this up would be very helpful or even if it doesn't exist, knowing this would also be helpful as something to keep track of moving foward.

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    You can configure alerts on DataSets in the Domo Workbench.  Under the specific DataSet Job go to the Notifications Tab and then check the box next to your user name.


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  • Is there not an option to set alerts for when datasets fail if you do not use Workbench? As a Mac user, I don't have the option of utilizing Workbench, but having so many datasets to keep track of it would be nice to have that feature.

  • I am a Mac user as well and would like to know what options I have if I don't use the Workbench? 


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    You can set the alerts by following the steps as mentioned below,

    1. Go to your dataset overview in Domo Data Center
    2. Click on the wrench icon on the top right corner of the screen, and click on the notification option
    3. In the popup that appears, select the option 'Send email only when this dataset fails to update'


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